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IAT Archives
Text Box: 2018敘利亞大馬士革古塔區難民募款大事記
2018 Memorabilia of Donation for people in Ghouta, Damascus, Syria
Text Box: 2017譴責台大批踢踢網路霸凌穆斯林 
2017Denouncement of Internet bullying Muslims on NTU PTT
Text Box: 2017台大批踢踢網路霸凌穆斯林協調座談會
2017 Coordination Meeting regarding Internet bullying Muslims on NTU PTT
Text Box: 2017台大批踢踢官網針對台灣伊斯蘭協會譴責網路霸凌穆斯林事件發出三點聲明
2017 Statement of NTU PTT in response to IAT Denouncement of Internet Bullying Muslims
Text Box: 2016 伊斯蘭對台灣同性婚姻和多元成家立法的看法
2016 Islamic Opinion about the Legalization of Same-sex Marriage and Multiple-Person Marriage
Text Box: 2019台灣伊斯蘭協會針對台灣同性婚姻合法化正式聲明
2019 IAT Official Statement Regarding Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan
Text Box: 2022 台銀行員稱本會台銀帳戶被標註為高風險帳戶
2022 One Teller from Bank of Taiwan Saying IAT Accounts in BOT Being Marked As High-Risk Accounts 
Text Box: 2021 本會針對Ptt網路霸凌穆斯林之回應
2021 IAT Response to Internet Bullying Muslims on Ptt 
Text Box: 2023 土耳其/敘利亞大地震急難救助捐款                             
2023 Donation for victims of 2023 Earthquakes in Turkey & Syria