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Announced on November 15, 2016.



Islamic Opinion about the Legalization of Same-sex Marriage and Multiple-Person Marriage


獨一的造物主——  阿拉教導我們生活上的一切事物,伊斯蘭不只是一個專注於崇拜的宗教,更是一套完整的生活方式。造物主教導我們如何去生活,且如何去對待穆斯林、非穆斯林和所有造物,  祂命令我們必須主動關切所有與人性和大地有關的一切事務。

The sole Creator, Allah, is teaching us everything related to life. Islam is not only a religion of worshiping, but also a method of life. The Creator teaches us how to live, to deal with Muslims, Non-Muslims, and all the other things. Allah is ordering us to be involved in everything related to humanity and the earth.


A part of Taiwan society is astray maybe because of past trauma, yet instead of seeking help to resolve their traumas, they are trying to steer all the Taiwan society into their own way, and to solve the problems by justifying the problems, to cure the disease by accepting that it is not a disease. 

Homosexuality had been a wrong thing since Adam and Eve, and it will never become a normal thing on earth.


Allah says in Chapter 49 Verse 13, “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.”

很清楚, 阿拉所創造的人類只有男性和女性之分,沒有第三種性別。因此,任誰說他自己是第三性,我們都不應該接受,而是將之視為一種病症,需要整個社會一起來解決這個問題,試著讓那些心中或腦中有這種糾結的人認清事實、化解創傷。
It is so clear that the creation of Allah for the mankind is only male and female, so there is no third gender. Therefore whoever claim that they are a third gender, we should reject it and just consider it a disease that the whole society is in charge of working closely with this issue and try to help those who have this issue in their hearts and minds. 

伊斯蘭嚴禁肛交,古蘭經明確指出犯此重罪者必受到重罰, 阿拉在古蘭經第11章第8283節說:「所以當我的命令一到,整個城市上下顛倒地翻了過來,燃火的岩石從天而降打在他們上面,而且每顆石頭上面都註記著每個人的名字,每顆火石不偏不倚打在上面註記名字的這個人身上, 阿拉的刑罰輕而易舉就能降臨在作惡者的身上。」這二節經文在講述先知魯特的故事,他的族人以肛交為樂,最後除了那些試著將這些偏斜者引回正路者和以行動或言語反對這項罪刑者獲救以外,其他無論是直接造此罪者或是支持、接受或對此重罪悶不吭聲者都無法逃離被火石擊打且整片土地翻覆的刑罰。

Sodomy in Islam is prohibited and the punishment for those who commit this crime is clear in Quran, Allah says in Chapter 11 Verses 82-83, “So when Our command came, We made the city upside down and rained upon them firing stones, which were marked with names from your Lord. And Allah's punishment is very easy to reach those wrongdoers.” This is about the story of Lut, whose people were committing sodomy, and all the sinners and those who supported, accepted, or kept silent toward this sin were ended up in total destruction, while those who tried to guide them to the right path or those who disagreed with them in action or in words were saved from this punishment.


This is a clear punishment for those who commit this crime and also for those who accepts this to happen, moreover, it is for those who do not at least announce that they do not accept it to happen.


Dear brothers and sisters,


This is a call for all of you in all of Taiwan regardless who agrees on our ideas and who do not, regardless who is supporting us or not, this is an issue that we all need to forget about all other disagreements between us and work together on this issue.

這是我們應盡的義務,我們必須站出來發聲,面對那些要將同性婚姻與多元成家合法化的人的面前大聲說不,否則一旦這些法案在台灣三讀通過,讓台灣成為支持這種重罪的地方,我們都會在 阿拉的懲罰名單裡。

It is a responsibility on our shoulders and we need to stand up and say NO in front of those who are asking for passing the law of legalizing same-sex marriage and multiple-person marriage in Taiwan. Otherwise, we will all be included in the punishment from Allah if this law passes and if Taiwan becomes a land of supporting such big sin to happen. 

不要說我們是社會中的少數,不要說這些不關我們的事,不要說這沒有牽涉到我們,不要說我們的生活中沒有碰到這種問題,所以我們不須挺身而出,要知道, 阿拉在古蘭經一再告誡我們,要我們行善止惡,這並不單指穆斯林社群而已,而是涵蓋我們居住的地方,即使這裡不是穆斯林國家也一樣。
Do not say we are minority, do not say we are not involved, do not say it is not our business, do not say in our society we do not have this problem, so we need not to stand up. In many verses in Quran, Allah is ordering us to enjoin good deeds and forbid bad deeds, and this is not only in our society, it is in the place where we live no matter it is a Muslim country or not.

要記得 阿拉在第16章第90節說:「 阿拉的確命令我們要行使正義、善行和接濟親屬,且禁止違反道德之事、惡事和壓迫, 祂如此警告你們,或許可以讓你們警醒。」
And remember always that Allah says in Chapter 16 Verse 90, “Indeed, Allah orders justice, good conduct, and giving to relatives, and forbids immorality, bad conduct, and oppression. He admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded.”


All mosques should be involved, all Imams should act fast, all leaders and decision makers should speak out, and all Muslims in Taiwan should stand up and say NO to this issue. 


We are raising this issue according to the teachings of Islam neither to enhance the oppositions in the society, or to discriminate or reject those who support these laws to be legalized, but to call for your attention according to the law of Nature, the essence of humanity, and the long existing social problems to recognize the nature of the problems existing in the society and to solve the problems wisely from the root instead of changing the whole society to adapt to these problems.


最後,大家要知道,伊斯蘭沒有任何禁忌的問題,所有問題都有解決之道、所有問題都有答案,任何人需要我們提供更多這方面的知識與訊息,以更了解 阿拉對這項議題的律法和規定以及造物主對整個宇宙的規範,隨時歡迎與我們聯繫。

Finally! Everyone should know that in Islam we have solutions for everything and every issue, and there is no prohibited question nor question without answer in Islam. So for those who need our help based on the rules and laws of Allah regarding this issue, we are ready to offer the answers to all the questions based on Islam and the law of the Creator of the whole universe.


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