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Announced on Oct. 31, 2017.


Denouncement of Internet bullying Muslims on NTU PTT


從今年九月開始一直到十月,某些人士開始在台大「批踢踢實業坊八卦版」散播詆毀伊斯蘭、辱罵穆斯林等偏激言論,像是「垃圾宗教 最好通通處死」、「穆斯林就是垃圾」、「幕斯林就是不該存在這地球上啦 該全部死光」、「殺光他們啦,人類那麼多,殺幾億人算什麼」、「畜生教徒應該要從這世界上滅絕」,這種帶恐嚇威脅的暴力言論持續在該網站發酵,總計超過七個攻擊穆斯林的論壇、吸引難以計數的鄉民加入攻擊的行列。

Since Sep. to Oct. this year, some people started to spread rumors and vicious words attacking and humiliating Islam and Muslims on NTU PTT Gossiping, such as “Garbage religion, better all of them be sentenced to death,” “Muslims are trash,” “Muslims shouldn’t exist on earth. All of them should be dead,” “Kill them all. There are so many people. It doesn’t matter if we kill few hundred millions of them,” “Animal religion followers should be destroyed from this world.” This kind of threatening have been encouraged on PTT through national academic internet channels, covering at least seven forums and numerous users attacking Muslims and Islam.

台灣伊斯蘭協會代表台灣穆斯林對台灣政府提出嚴正抗議, 批踢踢長期使用國家學術網路資源,卻任由網路鄉民利用這個資源來從事與學術精神完全背道而馳的八卦論壇,不僅散播惡意流言和不實消息,更聚眾針對特定對象從事排山倒海的辱罵、攻擊和威脅,造成受害者內心無形的恐懼和壓力。 言論自由不能無限上綱,台灣民主社會不能縱容野蠻粗暴的網路恐嚇威脅, 當今全球約有十七億穆斯林,雖然穆斯林在台灣是少數,但我們絕不會以沉默來面對不實的詆毀和暴力的威嚇,根據伊斯蘭的教義,當你面對不公不義之事卻默不作聲,你就是幫凶。

Islamic Association of Taiwan, hereby on behalf of Muslims in Taiwan, is lodging a protest against Taiwan government for allowing PTT users using national academic internet resources for spreading vicious rumors and fake news, which is totally against the academic spirits. Those PTT users, targeting at certain groups of people, have commenced overwhelming insults, attacks, and threatening, which has caused fear and pressures in the hearts of the victims. There should be a limit for freedom of speech. The democratic society of Taiwan should not keep tolerating the violent internet blackmailing and threatening. There are around 1.7 billions of Muslims in the world, yet Muslims in Taiwan remains minority. However, we shall not deal with untrue framing and violent threatening by silence. According to Islam, when you keep silent while witnessing injustice, you are the partner of it.


PTT network screenshots and the complete Chinese statement are as follows.

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