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Announced on May 24, 2019.



IAT Official Statement Regarding Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan


台灣伊斯蘭協會自成立以來,一直秉持著熱愛且敬畏之心遵行  阿拉的律法。根據我們的聖書《古蘭經》的教導,人類同性之間的性行為,自始至終都受到嚴厲的禁止。

Islamic Association of Taiwan has been following the Law of Allah with love and fear since its establishment. According to our holy book, Quran, homosexual behaviors have been strictly forbidden to human beings since ever,

即使台灣政府扭曲了婚姻的定義,但台灣這些對  阿拉抱持著純潔信仰的人民, 仍不會屈從這個錯誤的方向。

Even though the government of Taiwan has distorted the definition of marriage, the citizens of Taiwan holding the pure faith in Allah are not ready to succumb to this misdirection.

對男同志或女同志(或其他相關名稱)的歧視從不符合伊斯蘭精神,就伊斯蘭的觀點而言,他們這些人所需要的,是社會給他們適當的協助,並且得到  神正確的引導。

Discrimination against gays or lesbians (or any other names related) has never been the spirit of Islam. Nevertheless, from the perspective of Islam, those are the people who need proper help from the society and correct guidance of God.


Unfortunately, those who are occupying the important positions of Taiwan government have made incorrect diagnoses which lead to wrong prescriptions.


 Islamic Association of Taiwan hereby declares that it is not going to officiate Islamic marriage for any same-sex couple, for it is against the doctrine of Islam.

我們是穆斯林,我們熱愛  阿拉,所以我們要遵守  祂的規定。

We are Muslims and we love Allah, so we shall abide by His rules.

我們是穆斯林,我們敬畏  阿拉,因此我們要遠離  祂的怒火。

We are Muslims; we respect and fear Allah; therefore, we shall be away from His anger. 

有真知灼見的人,絕不會遠離  造物主所創造的世界,而我行我素去打造一個他們自己的天地。

Insightful people should never try to create their own world away from the Creator’s one.


It is an essential human right of Muslims to observe our religion in Taiwan.