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Announced on November 3, 2017.


Coordination Meeting regarding Internet bullying Muslims on NTU PTT


The coordination meeting held at 9 am on Nov. 3 in the congress office attended by representatives of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, National Communications Commission, National Police Agency, National Taiwan University, and Islamic Association of Taiwan regarding the issue of Internet bullying Muslims on NTU PTT has come up with three conclusions as follows.


1. We suggest that NTU improve the education on the directors and managers of PTT about law and implement “Taiwan Academic Internet Regulations” and “BBS User Convention.”


2. Regarding this issue, we suggest that NTU take proper actions according to the regulations to handle the slanders against Muslims and that declarations be posted on the entrances of PTT websites to resolve the hurts on Muslims by the improper words on those webistes.


3. If Muslims choose to resort to legal procedures, we suggest that Police Agency and Ministry of Law offer their help on investigating and the related procedures.

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