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Announced on Aug. 27, 2021.














We have received e-mail today (Aug. 27, 2021) from a warm-hearted person who informed us of the “discussions humiliating and mocking Muslims on Ptt, which is mean and evil making fun of others’ religion. Hopefully, IAT shall do something.”

據批踢踢實業坊入口公告:「批踢踢 (Ptt) 是以學術性質為目的,提供各專業學生實習的平台」,此言顯然與事實不符。

According to the official statement on Ptt Website, “Ptt serves the purpose of academy, providing professional students with the platform of internship,” it obviously does not comply with the reality.

本會於2017年嘗試處理此問題,發現Ptt是不受控管的龍蛇雜處之地,對此問題,本會當時於所屬之臉書專頁Muslims in Taiwan掀起論戰,但殺敵一萬自損三千。在這混亂年代,我們不需學習佛教的目蓮尊者:「我不入地獄,誰入地獄?」真正的穆斯林要走在光裡,遠離黑暗和迷霧的道路。Ptt之惡或許就像世上許多存在的惡一樣必要無力遏止,遠離就好。

IAT tried to deal with this issue in 2017 and discovered that Ptt is an uncontrolled place mingled with dragons and vipers. IAT had launched disputes on its FB page, Muslims in Taiwan. However, after killing ten thousands of enemies, you also get hurt for three thousands. In such time of chaos, we need not follow the Buddhist Saint Mulien, “If I don’t go down to hell, who else will do?” Real Muslims shall walk in the light and be away from dark and misty ways. The necessity of the evil of Ptt perhaps is like the evil of others in the world. As long as we are not able to stop it, we shall be away from it.


The political situation of Afghan has provided the world with fresh and exciting topics. Muslims have again become the target of everyone.

伊斯蘭原意是對  阿拉的指示拳拳服膺、對既定的事實坦然接受,伊斯蘭有獨立的律法,以《古蘭經》為準則、《聖訓》為補充,實踐者就是穆斯林。伊斯蘭不會改變,但少數人曲解伊斯蘭後還自詡為穆斯林,成為世界公敵,他們被嘲笑與攻擊是自然的結果。

Islam means total obedience of Allah’s orders and whole-hearted acceptance of things happened. Islam has its independent Law, regulated by Quran and supplemented by Hadith. Those who practice it are Muslims. Islam shall never change. Few people distort Islam and claim themselves Muslims, making themselves the enemies of the world. It is only natural that they are mocked and attacked.


As for those innocent Muslims who are involved, on the one hand, the injustice we have suffered from is not for free and there shall be justice upon us; if not in this life, in the Hereafter. On the other hand, we shall strengthen ourselves; only when Muslims stop attacking each other and practice Islam steadfastly can this negative situation of Muslims be reversed.

先知穆罕默德一則《聖訓》提到,天堂河流的一滴水落到地球,則地球永遠不再有苦難;地獄河流的一滴水落到地球,則地球永遠不再有喜樂。為何  阿拉不讓天堂這一滴水落到地球?如此一來,  祂為何多此一舉創造地球?  阿拉創造所有人類之前就為每個人打造天堂,經過地球這一趟旅程,才決定你值不值得擁有這天堂。進入天堂,不是靠著強迫他人信奉你的宗教,也不是靠著殘害或殺死與你信仰不同的人。  阿拉在《古蘭經》說,你們要行善止惡並且忍耐,這世上有許多必要之惡,就像海軍陸戰隊結訓時經歷的天堂路,堅忍是唯一道路:堅定走在光裡,寬容活在愛裡。

The Prophet Muhammed has mentioned in one of his Hadith that one drop of the river in Heaven falling on the Earth shall make the whole world happy forever, and one drop of the river in Hell falling on the Earth shall make the whole world suffering forever. Why didn’t Allah allow this drop of Heaven to fall onto the Earth? If like this, why shall He create the Earth? Allah had created a Paradise for each human being before he even created them. Only this journey through the Earth shall decide whether you deserve this Paradise or not. It is not by forcing others to believe in your religion to go to Paradise, neither by oppressing or killing those who have different beliefs. Allah has told us in Quran that you should do good deeds and forbid bad deeds and be patient. There are a lot of necessary evils existing on the earth, just like The Way to Paradise the marines have to go through before they pass the session. Perseverance is the only way: walk firmly in the light and live open-mindedly in love.


The mocking and swearing we see in Taiwan are not scary; they are like a cup of poison, we shall just be away from them. The really scary are those English websites spreading unreal information in the name of Islam; they are like a cup of juice with few drops of poison, making people poisoned without knowing it.


We do wish those who swear Islam and humiliate Muslims the best. We hope you find peace in your heart one day.


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