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Text Box: 新皈依穆斯林線上課程
Online Courses for New Converted Muslims 
Text Box: 線上講座:伊斯蘭教法(菲格 )
Online Lectures: Islamic Law (Fiqh)
Text Box: 伊斯蘭課程安排 / 演講邀請
Arrangement for Islamic Courses / Invitation for Lectures 
Text Box: 線上講座:伊斯蘭教義(阿吉達 )
Online Lectures: Islamic Doctrine (Aqeedah)
Text Box: 線上講座:先知們的故事
Online Lectures: Stories of the Prophets
Text Box: 線上講座:先知穆罕默德的故事
Online Lectures: The Stories of Prophet Muhammad
Text Box: 2023 台灣伊斯蘭協會暨人類博愛研究中心台灣跨宗教交流
2023 Islamic Association of Taiwan & Human Fraternity Studies Center Interfaith Initiative in Taiwan
Course/ActivityText Box: [慈大宗研所專題演講]天課及善功如何牽繫阿拉的普慈 [TCU Lecture] How Zakat and Sadaqa are related to Al-Rahman of Allah 
Text Box: [慈大宗研所專題演講]概述穆斯林女性的權利與義務: 伊斯蘭教法相較於當今社會現象
[TCU Lecture] General Ideas about Rights and Duties of Muslim Females: Islamic Law VS. Present Social Phenomena