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2023 台灣伊斯蘭協會暨人類博愛研究中心台灣跨宗教交流(2023427日至52)

2023 Islamic Association of Taiwan & Human Fraternity Studies Center Interfaith Initiative in Taiwan (April 27-May 2, 2023)


In the past twenty years, from 911, ISIS, Taliban Afghanistan, to the Hijab issue in Iran, the religion of Islam has been taking certain space on international media in the form of negative news, which has little or more caused big pressures to over 1.6 billion of Muslims in their lives and minds around the world. In the past few years, some incidents of cyberbullying also happened in NTU PTT platform in Taiwan, which humiliated Islam and Muslims in very ugly ways. The population of Muslims in Taiwan is small compared to other religions, so the pressure they have been gone through is even bigger.


Human Fraternity Studies Center (HFSC) in UAE has been dedicated itself to promote the moderate doctrines of Islam and the spirit of peaceful co-existence between human beings, with the expectation that the global mainstream concept of Islam as being equal to terrorism could be reversed. Our VIP guest, HFSC chairman Dr. Mohamad Habash, is also the delegate of Islam in Peace Summit 2023 held by Universal Peace Federation in Seoul, Korea.


Islamic Association of Taiwan aims at correcting the fallacies generally existing and the misunderstandings about Islam in Taiwan. It invites some worldly well-known scholars and experts of Human Fraternity Studies Center to Taiwan with the hope that we could initiate dialogues and interchanges with some representative religions in Taiwan while conveying the message to Taiwan government as well as academic units that Islam is in favor of peace and willing to have more communications.


This interfaith initiative has two main tasks: Visiting Taiwan Religious Groups and International Interfaith Seminar.