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Text Box: 穆   斯   林   權   益   相   關   公   告
Announcements Regarding the Rights of Muslims
Text Box: 勞動部回覆有關尊重穆斯林伊斯蘭信仰一案。
      Reply from Ministry of Labor regarding respecting Muslimsí religion of Islam
Text Box: 農委會回覆關於屠宰前人道致昏一案
      Reply from Council of Agriculture regarding electric shock before slaughtering
Text Box: 移民署官員致電本會關於穆斯林女性戴頭巾出關查驗一事
      An officer from National Immigration Agency called IAT for the issue of  the checkup of Muslim female with veil
Text Box: 教育部回覆有關教師於課堂發表歧視穆斯林言論一案
      Reply from Ministry of Education regarding discriminative statements by teachers in class
Text Box: 農委會公告宰牲節不需於屠宰場宰殺牛羊一案
      Announcement by Council of Agriculture regarding slaughtering cow/bull and goat/sheep for Eid-Al-Adha
Text Box: 台灣政府對穆斯林女性證件相片的相關規定
      Regulations in Taiwan regarding Muslim femalesí photos on ID and passport