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Announced on June 7, 2016.




     IAT  sent an official letter to Council of Agriculture on May 30 regarding slaughtering with electric shock in slaughter houses in Taiwan. According to the experience of the butchers, 90% of the animals were dead after electric shock before slaughtering, so the meat is not halal for Muslims. So we hope the council can allow Muslim butchers in Taiwan not to apply electric shock before slaughtering according to the 10th article of the Measurement of Humane Slaughter that there can exception when there is religious reason.


     IAT received an official letter on June 6 saying that according to scientific viewpoint, the physical state of animals after electric shock is similar to death. If the animals are dead before slaughtering, the blood will not be totally released, which will influence the quality and the look of the meat. So it is almost impossible that the animals are dead before slaughtering.


     The secretariat of IAT called the council today. The lady in charge said unless there is scientific evidence proving that the electric shock does cause death to the animals; otherwise, they cannot allow slaughter house not to use electric shock before slaughtering. The only exception according to the 10th article of the Measurement is the tradition of slaughtering holy pig in Taiwan.

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      Reply from Council of Agriculture regarding electric shock before slaughtering