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Announced on June 2, 2016.



日前有外籍女性教親反映於桃園機場出關時被移民署官員要求當眾卸下頭巾,故本會於530日發函內政部移民署台伊字第105013 ,請求移民署官員於入出境查驗旅客時,不得要求穆斯林女性當眾卸下頭巾,如欲進一步查驗,須由女性官員攜穆斯林女性至獨立房間才能請她卸下頭巾以供查驗。

One Muslim sister mentioned recently that she was forced to remove her veil in public by an immigration officer at Taoyuan Airport. So IAT sent an official letter to National Immigration Agency on May 30 issued No.10513, asking them not to force Muslim females to remove  their veils in public. If they want to have further checkup, they shall ask one female officer to lead the Muslim lady to a room for her to remove the veil inside for further checkup.


The Secretariat of IAT received a call from the Immigration Agency this morning (June 2) informing us that they have advised the related officers regarding this issue and will educate new officers in the future. They will make it their SOP “let a female officer lead the Muslim lady to a room for her to remove the veil inside for further checkup” and will not ask a Muslim lady to remove her veil in public.


In case an officer forgets the SOP and asks a Muslim lady to remove her veil in public, the officer was asking us not to remove the veil because of fear or to reject and become angry. All we have to do is remind the officer their SOP and let a female officer lead us to a room for further checkup.


Please share this information with our brothers and sisters. Thank you!

Text Box: 移民署官員致電本會關於穆斯林女性戴頭巾出關查驗一事
      An officer from National Immigration Agency called IAT for the issue of  the checkup of Muslim female with veil
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