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Text Box: 背景相片2009年攝於敘利亞歐瑪雅清真寺
Background picture taken in Umayyad Mosque, Syria, 2009
Text Box: Q1: Taraweeh is normally prayed 8/12/20 rakāāts. Which one is Sunnah? Do we need to take a break in between and for how long? If we go to Masjid without praying Isha and arrive when others are praying Taraweeh, what should we do?
       特拉威爾拜一般是以 8/ 12 /20 為規律, 哪一種才是聖行?中間是否需要休息、 間隔多少可以休息?  如果沒有禮宵禮而直接去清真寺時大家已在禮特拉威爾拜,應該怎麼做?
Rounded Rectangle: 崇拜Worship
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Text Box: Q2: Is there certain rule regarding worshipping in Laylat al-Qadr?