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Rounded Rectangle: 銀行名稱:台灣銀行
Bank name: Bank of Taiwan
Branch name: North Hualien Branch
Bank code: 004
Account Name: Islamic Association of Taiwan
帳號:257 00100670 9
Account Number: 257 00100670 9

Bank Address: 1-2F., No. 281, LinSen Rd., Hualien City, Taiwan (ROC)
Swift Code: BKTWTWTP257
Text Box: 匯入後請盡速以電郵寄至本會信箱告知以下訊息:
After transaction, please send e-mail to enclosed with the following information: 
1. 匯款日期
   Transaction date
2. 捐款人姓名
   Donorís name
3. 金額
      Amount of money
4. 收據寄送地址
    The address for sending the receipt
5. 齋月期間本帳戶所有捐款皆視為                (麥子錢),如為              ,請特別註明。
      During Ramadan, all the money received in this account shall be taken as     
                         (for body). Please specify if it is                           (for property).
IAT shall send the receipt to your appointed address ASAP. Please call us 03-8576489 for inquiry had you not received any reply after sending the e-mail to us for more than three days.
IAT shall consider the donation as anonymous had we not received e-mail from the donor one week after the transaction.
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Text Box: Zakat Al-Fitr
Text Box: Zakat Al-Mal
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