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Rounded Rectangle: 財產天課
Zakat Al-Mal (for property)
Meaning: Zakat means “purification.” The Zakat Al-Mal we paid is to purify the rest of our property after paying it.
Paying time: Once a year. You can make the point of time by yourself.
Amount: In general, 2.5% of the money and property you haven’t used for one year. For more detail, please consult the Imam.
使用對象:1. 無工作能力且生活困頓者;2. 有工作能力但收入不足以養家活口者;3. 負責收取及發放天課者;4. 為鼓勵新入教者或帶更多人進來伊斯蘭教;5. 釋放奴隸或類似狀況;6. 負債者;7. 為主道而奮鬥者;8. 急需幫助的旅人。
Targets: 1. One who is not able to work and has no source of supply for living; 2. One who has a job but his income is not enough to support the family; 3. One who is working for collecting and distributing zakat; 4. For sponsoring new Muslims or bringing people to Islam; 5. For releasing slaves or something similar; 6. Debtor; 7. One who is working for the sake of Āllah; 8. Traveler in need.
繳交方式:優先選擇—— 以金錢直接給予符合資格的穆斯林;次要選擇——將金錢繳交給清真寺或伊斯蘭機構代為處理;最後選擇——當前二種情況皆無法辦到,則將金錢給予符合資格的外教人士。。
Methods: Priority—— pay money directly to the qualified Muslim; Second choice—— pay money to Mosque or  Islamic organization for them to handle; Last choice—— pay the money to qualified Non-Muslims when the first two choices cannot be done.