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Rounded Rectangle: 身體天課(麥子錢)
Zakat Al-Fitr (for the body)
Meaning: Zakat means “purification.” Zakat Al-Fitr means purifying our body from sins and mistakes committed in Ramadan and the past year. It is also paid for using this body.
Paying Time: From the first day of Ramadan until the prayer of Eid-Al-Fitr starts.
Amount: The price of 2.5kg rice. In Taiwan, it is around NTD200.
使用對象:1. 無工作能力且生活困頓者;2. 有工作能力但收入不足以養家活口者。
Targets: 1. One who is not able to work and has no source of supply for living; 2. One who has a job but his income is not enough to support the family.
繳交方式:優先選擇—— 以金錢直接給予符合資格的穆斯林(開齋節會禮前);次要選擇——將金錢繳交給清真寺或伊斯蘭機構代為處理(最好最晚於開齋節會禮前三天,以方便作業人員統整金額並於期限內完成發放)。
Paying Method: Priority——Pay money directly to the qualified Muslim (before the prayer of Eid-Al-Fitr starts); Second choice——pay money to Mosque or  Islamic organization for them to handle (better at least three days before Eid-Al-Fitr in order to give the people in charge enough time to arrange the money and distribute it on time).