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Rounded Rectangle: 婚姻 Marriage
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Text Box: Q1: Is it a must for an Islamic marriage to be taken with an Imam and two 
       witnesses? Can a marriage only registered in the government be accepted by 
       伊斯蘭婚姻一定要有教長與兩個證人才算合法嗎? 只有官方登記算不算? 
A: There must be two witnesses and a wali. The wali shoudl be one of her relatives (father, uncle, or brother). If for any reasons that these people cannot be the wali, the imam of the masjid or the chairman of an Islamic unit can be the wali. The idea of wali doesn’t mean that the bride doesn’t have the authority to marry herself, but because generally females feel shy regarding this. The female will tell her wali regarding the dowry and others for him to talk to the groom in public on behalf of her. 
The marriage in the government is not considered marriage according to Islam unless the two witnesses are Muslims and her wali is present.