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Announced on July 3, 2017.


Fundraising for Purchase of  Islamic Graveyards



        In 2017, IAT has decided to engage itself in problem solving of cemetery distribution for Muslims in Taiwan. It not only offers funeral service for Muslims in all of Taiwan, but also plans to purchase Islamic graveyards in north, middle, and east of Taiwan for Muslims to use for free.



        According to the law of Taiwan, religious units are entitled to raise fund in public for religious purpose. The graveyards shall be purchased and registered under the name of IAT. Any Muslims passed away in Taiwan are entitled to use the graves of IAT for free. The fund raised in this project shall be used for purchasing graveyards and paying the expenses related. A trust fund shall be established when necessary.



        As long as you are a Muslim in Taiwan, no matter in which city or county, you shall not have to worry about your funeral. IAT shall offer you this service for free according to Islam. As long as you are a Muslim, no matter you are a member of IAT or not, you are entitled to use IAT graveyards for free.



        This project is deeply related to the welfare of Taiwan Muslims, and it needs Muslims in Taiwan to make an effort. The funds are raised according to three regions----North, Middle, and East of Taiwan (There are no private graveyards for sales in south of Taiwan and island counties.). You can decide which region you want to donate. The region which has collected enough fund for the graveyard shall purchase first. If you didn’t appoint which region you want your donation to go, we shall put the money in the north, which has the most population of Muslims.




Donation Account Detail

Bank name: Bank of Taiwan

Branch name North Hualien Branch

Bank code: 004

Account Name: Islamic Association of Taiwan

Account Number: 257 00100669 3






帳號:257 00100669 3


捐款後請來信或來電03 857 6489告知:




After wiring your money to IAT account, please inform us:

“This donation is for purchasing graveyard of which region”

thru e-mail: or phone 03 857 6489.

Otherwise, the money you wired will be considered general donation.

Please tell us your full name and address, so we can send you receipt

of this donation.