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Text Box: Q2: Can Muslim females get into the mosque (prayer hall) during their menstrual period?
A: There is no verse in Qurān or Hadith mentioning that a female in her period is prohibited from getting into the mosque.
Verse 43 in Chapter 4 is talking about praying rather than entering the mosque.
There is one Hadith about Prophet Muhammed asking his wife Aisha to bring the carpet in the mosque back home. It is not mentioning clearly that she should not get into the mosque. When Aisha said she was in her period [that she should not get into the mosque], the Prophet replied, ”This is out of your hand.” It doesn’t mean “Do not get into the mosque” and it also could mean strongly that it is out of your hand, so you can get into it.
Therefore, it is allowed for a female in her menstruation to get into the mosque (prayer hall) as long as she is not causing any dirtiness inside such as blood stain or whatever, and as long as she is there for learning or teaching or some useful issues.