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Rounded Rectangle: 清真寺 Mosque
Text Box: 教義問答
Text Box: Q1: Can non-Muslims get into the mosque (prayer hall)?
A: Human being is the highest level of the creation of Āllah.
人類是  阿拉所創造最高層次的受造物。
Mosque is the house of Āllah and it is open for everyone, especially when there is a chance for non-Muslims to know more about Islam. Therefore, they are most welcome to come in.
清真寺是  阿拉的殿堂,它為每一個人而敞開,特別是當非穆斯林想進來了解伊斯蘭時,清真寺理當展開雙臂歡迎他們進來。
In Qurān, Āllah prohibited disbelievers from getting into Haram (the mosque in Mecca where Kaaba is located), but it was for those who were trying to destroy Islam, and it also meant that they had no right to control it anymore.
在《古蘭經》裡,  阿拉禁止不信者進入禁寺(麥加天房所在的清真寺),但這是針對那些想要摧毀伊斯蘭的人,同時也代表著那些人已不能再掌控這個地方。
Prophet Muhammed had received a group of Christians in his mosque in Madinah, and he even allowed them to worship inside the mosque in their way.
Therefore, it is allowed for non-Muslims to get into the mosque (prayer hall) as long as they are not getting in to destroy it or to do bad things inside.