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Please read the following two articles to equip yourself with knowledge about Islamic funeral.

Rounded Rectangle: Procedures of Islamic Funeral I
伊斯蘭殯葬流程  之一
Rounded Rectangle: Procedures of Islamic Funeral II
伊斯蘭殯葬流程  之二


Please arrange your time to listen to the two audios about Islamic funeral. This lecture is teaching us all the details starting from dying, after-death cleaning and wrapping, funeral prayer, to burial.


Due to limited space for cemetery in Taiwan, public graveyards are generally reserved for local residents and the terms for burial are different from city to city. As for private graveyards, it takes big money to purchase. The public Muslim graveyard in north of Taiwan, Taipei City Government’s Fude Public Graveyard (Liu Zhang Li Muslim Graveyard), is now managed by Chinese Muslim Association. The public Muslim graveyard in south of Taiwan, Tainan City Government’s Tainan First Demonstrative Graveyard, is now managed by Kaohsiung Masjid.


IAT offers Islamic funeral consultation and service to Muslims living in different areas of Taiwan. Please call 03-8576489.



Rounded Rectangle: 捐   款 
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If you want to donate for in-need Muslims in Taiwan for funeral expenses, please inform us the purpose of donation after you wired the money to IAT donation account.

If you want to sponsor IAT to establish Taiwan Islamic Funeral Fund for purchasing Muslim Graveyards for Muslims in Taiwan to use for free, please contact us via 03-8576489.