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Text Box: Q1: According to Islam, can Muslim females have abortion, test tube baby, or designer baby?
A: According to Islam, abortion is allowed only when the doctor asserts that it is imperative for keeping the pregnant woman from critical situations, or that the fetus is already dead or the newborn will be dead soon after birth. Other than these, abortion is prohibited no matter how many months the pregnancy is. All of the conditions should be judged according to the doctorís professional diagnosis. If the doctor is not sure of the exact situation, abortion is prohibited. This is according to Quran Chapter 6 Verse 151 and Chapter 17 Verse 31.
Regarding test tube baby, as long as both the sperm and the ovum are from a legally married couple, it is allowed in Islam. The embryo should be planted in the motherís womb; surrogacy mother is prohibited. There is an idea which needs to be understood by Muslims. We cannot add or cancel any Islamic rules regarding worshiping but follow and practice them completely and wholeheartedly. However, regulations concerning daily life are all allowed in Islam except those prohibited by Āllah.
關於試管嬰兒,只要精子與卵子都是夫妻的就可以,當然要在母親的子宮,不能用代理孕母。這裡有個概念需要大家理解,我們不能增減伊斯蘭有關崇拜的規定,只能信受奉行、拳拳服膺;而有關日常生活的規定,則除了  阿拉禁止的事情以外,其他的事情都可以去做。
As for designer baby, it is prohibited in Islam. No matter how hard you try to select your genes, no one can stop what Āllah wants to happen. It is according to Quran Chapter 4 Verse 119 where Āllah says that Satan will ask you to change the creation of Āllah and those who change the creation of Āllah are destined to be losers.
至於設計嬰兒,這是違反伊斯蘭的,而且不管你怎樣挑選基因,只要  阿拉要讓它發生,則任誰都無法阻止。這是根據第4章119節,  阿拉說撒旦會叫你去改變  阿拉的造化,而改變  阿拉造化的人注定是個失敗者。