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Text Box: Q2: Can Muslims eat the food worshipped by other religions?
A: The definition of halal meat is as follows:
The two jugular veins should be cut while slaughtering.
2. The animal should be slaughtered by a Muslim.
3. The butcher should say Bismillah (in the name of Āllah), Allahuakbar (Allah is greater, optional) while slaughtering the animal.
    宰殺者必須說必思米拉(奉  阿拉尊名)與  阿拉呼阿克巴勒(  阿拉更偉大,可唸可不唸)。
As long as the animal that needs to be slaughtered is slaughtered in this way, its meat is halal for Muslims. Such kind of halal meat along with food that need not be slaughtered like seafood and vegetables are all halal for Muslims to eat even if they are worshipped by other religions. The intentions of those who are growing, raising, catching, or handling food should not be our concerns, for their worshipping of other gods on the food will never change the reality of the halal food.
As long as the food is halal, we should just say Bismillah and eat it. We have our own belief and others have their own beliefs as well. It is not our business what they think or do.