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Text Box: Q5: Some people say itís better for a Muslim woman to cover her face in front of male stranger, Is it correct?
A: There is no Aya or Hadith saying that women should cover their faces. If it is better for a woman to cover her face, Allah should ask them to cover it while praying and during haj. On the contrary, He prohibited all of us covering our faces during haj and while praying. Therefore, there is no evidence from Quran or Hadith showing us that it is better for women to cover their faces in any occasions.
古蘭經沒有一個章節、也沒有一則聖訓記載女性應該要蒙臉。倘若女性蒙臉會比較好的話,  阿拉就應該命令我們在禮拜和朝覲時蒙臉,但  阿拉不但沒有如此命令我們,反而禁止我們在朝覲和禮拜時蒙臉,所以蒙臉較好一說並沒有任何伊斯蘭律法的根據。