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Text Box: Q4: Some people say itís better for a Muslim woman not to wear jeans either because it is man dress or because it belongs to the western fashion. Does it make sense?
A: Based on Islam, a woman should wear clothes that cover her body in a way that it doesn't show the shape of her body. It should not make her look sexy or attractive to men but instead show her moderation and piety, which makes people know that she is a good Muslim. No matter it is jeans or not, as long as it is under these conditions, it is ok. For those who say it is the dress of the western fashion, then let them wear slippers only and stop using mobiles and internet, as shoes other than slippers, mobiles, internet, and so on all belong to the western fashion.
Regarding Quran about this, all the Ayat about dress are clearly saying what a woman should cover and there is no Aya in Quran saying that a woman should not wear this or that only because it is men dress or whatever. In fact, in the ancient time, men used to wear skirts, which is very well-known to everybody. So this means that skirt is the dress of men and woman shouldn't wear it, which is ridiculous.