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Text Box: Q2: Can Muslims raise dogs at home?
A: Dogs are the same as other animals――the creatures of Āllah, and we should take care of them and never hurt them.
狗和其它動物一樣都是  阿拉的造物,我們要照顧牠們,而且絕對不能傷害牠們。
But in Islam we have some rules and orders from Āllah――the Creator of the whole universe.
但伊斯蘭有一些來自  阿拉的規定和命令,  祂是全宇宙的造物主。
Āllah told us via His messenger Prophet Muhammed that the saliva of dog is dirty; therefore, when we pray, our bodies, clothes and carpet should not have any dog’s saliva on it. It is the same as eating; our hands, food, and dining wares should not have any dog’s saliva on it. 
阿拉透過  祂的使者先知穆罕默德告訴我們,狗的唾液是污穢的,因此,當我們禮拜時,我們身體、衣著、拜毯不能沾有任何狗的唾液;用餐也一樣,我們的手、食物和餐具不能沾有一點狗的唾液。
However, if it happened that our body, clothes, carpet, food, or dining wares got stained by their saliva, we need to clean it very well before praying or eating. The cleaning in the past was seven times――the first time using dirt and the other six using water. Nowadays we have strong detergents, so there is no need to use the old method but make sure that it is totally cleaned off.
It is not haram to raise dogs at home, but we have to make sure that everything related to praying and eating is cleaned off their saliva before we pray or eat.