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Text Box: Q1: Are Non-Muslims destined to go to hell?
A: Islam means total obedience to Āllah, the Creator of everything. He was never created and will never die or feel hungry, thirsty, tired, sleepy or sick. He never has a child or a wife and will never have. He owns everything and is the Provider of everything, the most powerful and merciful. He is the Owner, the Controller, and the Judge on the Judgment Day.  
伊斯蘭意指對  阿拉拳拳服膺,因為  祂是萬事萬物的造物主;從未受創造也永遠不會死亡或感到飢餓、口渴、疲倦、睏盹或生病;從未也永遠不會娶妻生子;擁有一切且供養萬物,擁有至高的權柄和無上的慈憫;  祂是審判日的擁有者、掌控者與審判者。
Whoever knows about Āllah in this way through good channels rather than extremism should believe in Allah; otherwise, he will be considered a disbeliever.
任何人只要透過正確管道以這種方式認識  阿拉,而不受極端主義的誤導,則理當信仰  阿拉,否則就會成為不信者。
Not everyone who disbelieves after knowing Āllah and Islam is considered a disbeliever. If this person didnít get the correct ideas about Islam and Āllah, we cannot blame him for being a non-Muslim.
一個認識  阿拉與伊斯蘭卻還不願信仰的人,不見得就是一個不信者,因為倘若他所得到關於伊斯蘭和  阿拉的訊息並不正確,則我們就不能責怪他不是穆斯林。
As for those who didnít have any chance to know Āllah or Islam in their lifetime, only Āllah knows whether they really had no chance to know Him, and only Āllah knows whether they were not believing in Him, for there are people who own pure hearts worshiping the sole Creator even though they never had a chance to know about Islam. Only Āllah knows who are those people, and as the most judicial and merciful Creator, He definitely will give these people the fairest share.
至於那些終其一生都沒有機會認識  阿拉或伊斯蘭的人,只有  阿拉知道他們是否真的沒有機會認識  祂,也唯有  阿拉知道他們是否真的沒有信仰  祂,因為有些人就算沒有機會認識伊斯蘭,還是有顆純淨的心在崇拜獨一的造物主,這些只有  阿拉知曉,而  祂是最公正與慈憫的造物主,絕對會給這些人最公平的待遇。
At the end, it is all according to the will of Āllah. If He wants to mercy someone for reasons He knows, no one can reject His decision.
終究,一切都會依照  阿拉的意旨而行,假使  祂出於某些因素而願意慈憫某人── 只有  祂知道是什麼因素,則誰也不能反對  祂的決定。
Therefore, based on Quran and Hadith, whoever knows Āllah and Islam in a correct way and insists on disbelieving will go to hell. But we should always remember that Āllah is the only one who knows about us inside and outside.
因此,根據《古蘭經》與聖訓,只要這個人對  阿拉與伊斯蘭有正確認識還堅持不願信仰,則他就會下地獄,但我們要牢記在心的是,唯有  阿拉能清楚知道我們心裡的所有狀態與外在的一切言行。